It’s stupid how some things teach you a lesson, but did you really learn? Or why do you have to learn when it’s not the most convenient way to even learn! Yes, it is STUPID!

Stupid because, you dislike it as a way of learning something.

Stupid because, it’s draining to learn using a complicated circumstance.

Stupid because, it’s unexpectedly annoying. It’s like hugging your fluffy pillow with hidden thorns. Looking, it’s a comfortable pillow— but uknowingly hugging them will stab you to death.

Giver, if you went out of your way and you EXPECT your receiver to be GRATEFUL, or at least APPRECIATE the thought of you giving them something, you are just fooling yourself! Brush off the hurt, and move on!

People are not like you. They will be honest and will tell you,

1. YOU SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN ME THIS. As if they are entitled of one from you.

2. YOU SHOULD HAVE ASKED ME. As if they are entitled of answers. 

3. YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE WASTED YOUR MONEY. As if they own your money.

It’s easy to get offended and it’s not easy to accept that people like them exist. It’s not a bad thing they exist, just know they do. So, you won’t be surprise of their attitude.

Is it their fault? No!

Is it your fault? No!

You are different. You have different backgrounds, you have different upbringing! And expecting someone to receive your GOODNESS with GRATEFULNESS is unrealistic.

You cannot enforce them to be like  you, when they are their own person.

Don’t feel bad when you get something out of the goodness of your heart, but then they tell you,  “You should have gotten me that, instead of this…”

Because even though a gift is a gift, they have the right to express DISGUST.

It’s their CHOICE.

When Jesus died on the cross for us, we immediately were given the direct path to salvation. But it is still up to us to RECEIVE HIM with all our heart without any questions nor demands.

We cannot ask why, we cannot bargain, and we cannot return.

We can only RECEIVE HIM with a grateful heart.

If they say no, it’s not for us to express our unhappiness, but it is our responsibility to show compassion–that they have CHOICE. We cannot FORCE someone to receive a gift, they are not willing to RECEIVE.

We may be hurt, we may feel bad, but that’s about it.

What I learned today, I learned it in a stupid way.

But I learned regardless. 

Snow with footsteps? Or footsteps with snow? Same image, different perspective.

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