Are you?

Anderson’s Japanese Garden

Happiness is temporary~ just because I ain’t happy, I ain’t content—

And if my happiness will only be base on what you show me…

On what you can do..

On what you perceive that can make me happy..

Does that mean those you DON’T do cannot make me happy?

You see, if I’ll put a standard to my happiness, like a mission you need to accomplish,..

Happiness might appear like  a price tag to every genuine smile I give you.

My happiness? It’s free.

They are yours regardless of what you do, don’t do or can’t do.


Maybe you also fail to recognize, what if your happiness alone makes me happy?

Will that be ENOUGH of an answer?

So next time you’ll ask me if I’m happy?

I am! I am happy. ❤️

And that’s because, I have you.

And that’s because I have HIM.