South Korea, I SEOUL You!

The flight from Mactan International Airport to Cebu is approximately 4 hours and since it wasn’t that long of a flight, Lori and I didn’t get enough rest.

We arrived in Seoul 6:30 A.M. exhausted. As soon as we got to the airport, we picked up our KT egg wifi that I had reserved a month prior which only costed me $11 for the 5 day trip.

We then proceeded to get our bus tickets towards our hostel. It was much easier to take the bus since we have 4 huge luggages with us.

Arrived at our hostel after an hour bus ride, but we couldn’t check in yet since we arrived early. We left our luggages and grab lunch. Since South Korea is not an English speaking country, asking for direction towards Gwangjang Market from our hostel wasn’t the easiest of task, but we figured it out anyway! Thanks to Naver Maps! ( I suggest you download the app) it helped us tons!

Food options in Gwangjang Market

Everything looked so delicious! Wait, they actually all tasted soooooo unbelievably yummy!

After having lunch, we decided to wander around the Jongno neighborhood and realized it was still cold, so we ended up shopping for sweater. We bought 2 knitted sweater for $20 each~

Jongno shopping is definitely not a shopping district for the millennials. We noticed, there were more middle aged women who shopped. Most of the stores in the area kind of catered to the middle aged population. As a millennial, you can still shop there if you like. Not a lot of options though!

We got tired after 5 hours of wandering. It’s finally time for us to check in! We decided to get our rest and took a nap~~Around 8:30 PM, we walked from our hostel to Jongo 6 station and took the subway to Myeongdong from there. It was a quick trip! Again, thankful for Naver Maps!

The next 3 photos are taken in Myeongdong Shopping District.

If I were to choose again, I would’ve stayed in this area for the whole duration of our trip. This place has amazing selections of Korean shops. A few hours of shopping here will never be enough for those who loves Korean Products! I was overwhelmed at first that I honestly didn’t know what to buy. I ended up only getting a few stuff and regretted it so much!

The photo below was taken inside the train. I must say~South Korea subway system is the best I’ve experienced so far! Super affordable and convenient!

Rush hour travel is different obviously.. but still! For 1,250 won about $1 with transfers! That’s a great deal! Not a lot like Chicago, $6.50 one way!

Will end our first day here! Will share about our Day 2 next. 🙂

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