Snap it, Print it

Oh, snap! This photo can get a hundred likes!!! Uploading.. uploading…uploading complete… waiting.. waiting…YES! 15 likes!

Admit it, you are also guilty. You might have not thought that way but in our subconscious mind, we want that one like and appreciation at least. We have “boastful” nature in us as humans and the more great photos we share, the more the likes, the more it satisfies us.

There’s nothing wrong about it, come on, it’s the 21st century and the world changes day by day. Social Media is now part of us and whether we like it or not, this is the new generation. When we have 30 mins break from work, we open our facebook.

When the traffic light is red, we check our Instagram. While waiting in line, we pin new ideas on Pinterest. When we are bored in class or even in a restaurant, we post photos. We’ve all done it.

We can write anything we want and even upload anything we want–including our outfits of the day, our shoes, our pets, our coffee? our new phone, our food, our cuts, our new apartment, or even the weather!! Name it! (I even took a photo one day of my 2 years old comb!) A day won’t be enough to enumerate all the photos we uploaded since the day we all signed up to be part of the social media world.

We have thousands of it that we have to scroll more than ten times to find that one photo that we are looking for when we first took our first plane ride a year ago, or that time when we won the championship game, or maybe our first couple photo, or even our first kiss or even simple photos like spending the weekend with grandma or our friends wedding.

All precious memories worth keeping but we chose to not have a hard copy of it for years and years and years. Maybe not all of us but a few of us don’t have copies of any album that we post on facebook. We don’t have a big container filled with photos like grandma, we don’t have a box filled with memories.

We might have thousands of photos in our smartphones, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest but we don’t have an album filled with laughter, tears of joy and embarrassing moments.
Those valuable and precious moments that we can all share with our children and our children’s children. Stories that we can all laugh about when we reminisce those moments as we glance that one photo we took and took time to print.

After all, it’s not about how many likes we get, how many compliments we received but how precious those moments are when we snap it!

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