While I was busy picking up the broken pieces of my heart…Scattered in the hidden corners of my soul…

While I was busy counting the reasons why I shouldn’t leave..
Persuading my broken self, this is how it’s supposed to be…

Believing in the lies I created in love… Seemingly beguiled by my darkness alone…

You unexpectedly overshadowed every wrong turn I take. Redirecting my careless attempt in love.

Scared of the outcome of your stubborn availability, I rerouted my vision to what shouldn’t.

I shouldn’t let you in.
So, at all cost~ I gambled it all. Padlocked my broken soul, pushed you to a wall.

And in silence, I said— not me, not us. It can’t be. It shouldn’t.

To her you should go, not to me who’s maimed by my own.

But as I forcefully denied your entry, you still slowly managed to sneak into the tiniest speck of my seemingly stained soul.

No matter how strong I shut this doors, I just couldn’t…even though I know I shouldn’t~ yet…

Like a forcefield gravitating to a wrong direction~ I said no.

But every no, turned yes.
Every yes, turned more.

I shouldn’t yet, but I couldn’t.

I couldn’t because…

I saw a beautiful gem wrapped in a shattered glass.

And the closer I look, the brighter it shined.

Shattered as it can be, dangerous as it may seem~ I wanted to unwrap this beautiful gem and keep it close with me.

We will make us shine again.