Branson, Missouri

Top of the Rock Branson. A must visit place when you go to Branson, Missouri. I suggest you go around noon and spend the afternoon there. Wait for the sunset.

We didn’t get to see the sunset when we were there because it was too cloudy. So, check the weather before you go! Make sure it’s sunny out!

This chapel is located in Top of the Rock. About a few meters away. It’s one of the highlights of the trip. Enjoy a serene time and the view!

When you’re in Branson, just drive around. We weren’t gonna go here but we saw people taking photos, so we stopped for a few to take good shots. I think they call it the overlooking spot. I am not sure.

Table Rock Lake. We were driving around and we found this rest area/view deck for Table Rock for visitors alike. We didn’t really go there. Instead, we went towards the walking path and saw a tiny path towards the lakeside. We weren’t sure if we are even allowed to be here. But we did it anyway. It was beautiful.

We did the golf card tour at Top of the Rock and experience the magnificent man-made creation and of course nature. We drove our own golf cart that made the experience worthwhile. It can get a little scary when you are driving downhill but it’s not dangerous. It’s actually so much fun!

This is one or the spots that we saw while doing the golf cart tour. We had to get off and take photos.

Here, I was looking towards the Lake Taneycomo in Branson Landing. We went there before Sunset and we witnessed the beauty of the lake. It looked like vapor. What do you think?

Ohhhh. If you’re in Branson, you should check out their shows! This was the Samson Show. We weren’t allowed to take photos during the show but it’s okay. We definitely enjoyed it more.

They decorated the stage really well too. This isn’t the only digital backdrop they have. They kept changing it all throughout the show.

I enjoyed Branson. Now it’s your turn!

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