Never Alone

To quote from an old post I wrote five years ago…

“A decision to obey and actual obedience is different. And even if I’ve decided to live life the way God wanted me to live life, my flesh wants another. It yearns for enjoyment, pleasure and happiness in this world!!! And I don’t want that!

I am much eager to obey God that I wanted to just close my eyes to the reality of this world! But no matter what I do, I am still in the world even if I am not of the world.”

As followers of Jesus, we obey and follow His words because we love Him and we felt His genuine LOVE for us.

As humans, we fail daily. We are sinful in nature. But we should not choose sin constantly and allow sin to dwell in our lives. We have to be intentional with our obedience to God.

He gave us the power of the Holy Spirit for a reason~ so we don’t live defeated. So we don’t live condemned.

It is easy to fall into the trap of sin, constantly feeling weak. When we truly allow Jesus to magnify in our lives, to explode in our walk— we act victoriously.

That even if we sin sometimes, we don’t choose sin and let it control us.

At a watch party for Elevation Worship Reflect yesterday, they mentioned the importance of being reminded daily that Jesus will never leave us.

In times of joy, sadness, and trials~ He was there and He will be there..We only have to acknowledge His presence.

When this happens, everyday in our lives, we will live with assurance of His security. The assurance that we are never alone. He is with us. When we sin, and even when we struggle. He is there in the midst! Waiting to be acknowledged by us! We know He will never condemn us! But that also doesn’t give us the right to continue sinning.

Remember, we are never alone. Let every decision made be known to Jesus, He is listening.

Just call His name.

Jesus, I need you. Help me!

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