Monday is not Tuesday

Life is too precious, too short, too fragile… to wallow over the “temporaries”~~

The things we are angry, sad, annoyed, stressed, and worried about are there temporarily~ and are there for a reason/s.

Reasons we may never understand, nor need explanation of…no matter how hard we desire for one.

Others has a tendency to immediately tag one who once had a “history” or a “temporary” challenge as doomed for life. They will define one as “permanent”.

This is why others are fearful…

Constantly reminded of the phrase, “no room for mistake” “you need to deliver” ” you can’t be treated like that” “you should be acting this way”…

Forcing us, to not be us.

Fearful to be ourselves that others will judge us base on our “one” temporary episode.

Fearful that we will be defined as “someone” who experienced this, who did that.. tainted forever.

Fearful to be transparent~ when we want to say,
“I need you today, please listen”—but traumatized by the aftermath of “character assassination”~

Sadly, this is the world we are living. World full of unnecessary interpretations.

Hopefully, we will all realize…

A person’s temporary episode, temporary challenge, temporary mistake, temporary mishaps– doesn’t make them one.

Remember, Monday is called Monday, and not Tuesday. What one felt Wednesday might be different on Sunday.Everything around us is temporary. Everything changes—

So, allow others to have a chance. A chance to enjoy the temporary and not be defined as permanent.

After all, tomorrow is yet another chance. If it doesn’t work, maybe the day after tomorrow will.


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