Ride Life like a Jetski

The jetski seemed to look smaller than the bird~ but in reality, it’s bigger than the bird. And that’s because the bird is closer and somewhat being magnified here.

In life, our problems sometimes can look BIG and scary~even though in reality, it’s not.

Our problems becomes even bigger if we put it close to our hearts and magnify it– when all we should do is…

Let if fly away or better yet, ride it like a Jetski.

Life is complex but we are created to fight life back. But it’s our choice how to do so. Fight it through crying, drinking, worrying, and so on!

Or fight it head on, but with a positive disposition. When we receive problem as an opportunity to grow, it can never destroy us.

It gives us the ability to sharpen our character for the better. Like that of the bird and the jetski, we have a choice how to look at it.

After all, it’s all about perspective.

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