Discreet Scream

Ahhhhhh!!! Listen to me, just once!

Ears are created not just for hearing but for listening as well…

but listening is not an easy skill too…

Listening takes a lot of hard work and patience. In order for you to listen, you need to at least try to tame your own tongue, pause and shut your ideas, disagree to yourself. Try doing that for a few when you feel like you’re the one who wants to be heard, you’ll find yourself not doing it easily.

When both parties want to be heard, no one seems to want to try to listen– both would want to talk their heart out even to the point of screaming and yelling. You feel like you’re not being heard but really, you never took time to pause, breathe, stop and listen.. why? because you wanna be heard.

I know! it’s not like I did not know you want to be heard but like you, someone wants it so bad too– and it just so happen, you both wanted it at the same time that you both didn’t listen. What a chaotic site! listen to me, no you listen to me! You’re not listening, no you’re not listening! Stop! Stop! Stop!

You both might want to scream discreetly or scream loudly but no matter how loud or discreet it might be, your voice is useless. It won’t be heard, no one will listen.

When will you be heard? when will you stop screaming discreetly, until when will you hold it in? until someone is willing to listen until you are willing to stop until you are willing to step down and say, my voice might have been too loud yet discreet, allow me to listen…

I’m listening, tell me…

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