Harmless Yet Dangerous

How are you? It seemed like a harmless question for many of us. But for some, a person’s sincerity can become very deadly.

Even though I take each day as a learning experience, a day to remind me of the

good, and the flaws I have as well……

An innocent conversation or “friendliness” can really turn into something brutally mind boggling, heart shattering, and bothersome.

An aftermath we will never expect when we let our naive mind take over—-

We argue, well it’s full of good intentions~ we meant well…”I meant well…I never burn bridges, I build them”

But we can actually unintentionally hurt another by unintentionally believing..

I am just really friendly.
I am a servant. I help people.

If men and women are created friends, we will never date nor marry~

So, know your boundaries!
Or you’ll really burn bridges, it might not be someone’s else’s bridge, but MY BRIDGE– and you’ll fail to build it again, or i will never allow you to build it otherwise.

So pick and choose which bridge you’re building.. because by c one, you’re burning!

You can only have one.

Oh hey, how are you?

A simple question full of good intentions but can actually unintentionally hurt another. Especially when the one asking the seemingly innocent question is of the opposite sex (not related)-

Those simple yet sincere question can be very dangerous to any relationship…

Despite knowing our boundaries, we will never be able to defend our innocence, when others have their own perspective, understanding, and judgment.

I didn’t do anything wrong….

“I only responded…”

But those innocent “how are you” shouldn’t even be taken lightly when we are dating and most especially when we are married. It’s not as innocent as we think…

No matter how valid our excuse, how good our intentions, those aren’t enough! Because those who got hurt by “how are you” will never take a chance on knowing the real deal, nor believe our good intentions or our sincere explanation.

So when you think a simple “how are you” is okay~~~
Think again! And if once doesn’t convince you, think one more time!

It is better for us to IGNORE those HOW ARE YOU- rather than respond and be lead to another question, and another question, and another….

Then receive a random, eye opening message from a complete stranger…

“It’s your fault we broke up!” That’s too painful to take in.. and what’s even more painful-

We thought we didn’t do anything wrong…..

When we did…

We responded….

“I am fine, you?”

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