Guard your HEART

Point and shoot! This photo was taken on our way home from our honeymoon last 2014. I still remember the feeling of God watching us and our marriage.

It was difficult to capture this beautiful heart shaped clouds because Tim was driving and I had to quickly just do it while we are in motion.

The drive was long and fast. It felt like a long time driving, but it felt too quick as well! One second I saw the heart shaped clouds from above us, the next minute, it was gone..

That’s how I feel with guarding our heart. Even if it’s difficult to capture like the clouds, we still have to do it anyway!

It doesn’t matter if there’s motion that’s distracting us in getting the right angle, it doesn’t matter if we feel slow or fast, what matters is, we are trying our best to capture its beauty.

In guarding our hearts, we might need the right angles, we might need to slow down, or to stay focus—but we shouldn’t forget, that in order to guard it good enough~~like capturing a good photo…is by not giving up on it! You’ll eventually get that one “amazing” shot!

Our hearts are too fragile, and it’s also the least that we take care of because of our fickle emotions—or unhealthy food? 🙈🙈

We know it’s the begining of life and yet we still don’t guard them well like a warrior defending his King.

Well I know why~ because despite knowing how fragile our hearts can be, we still fail to guard it sometimes— because we think, it’s someones else’s job to guard it!!! Like that of a kingsguard, expected to die, to defend someone who is more important than him.

We give others the responsibility to do so thinking they will guard what’s ours because they know it’s fragile— but really, it’s not their job to do that. They were given the responsibility, but that doesn’t mean they can do the job well! He might be able to save his king once or twice, but he might die the next time he try to do that— and the king is left defending himself to live!

Our chosen “kingsguard” might be the strongest of all, but it’s still our sole responsibility to protect what’s ours— and the Maker of it all as the only ONE who can protect it with us without worries of breaking them.

He might change it to a different angle, he might twist it a little~ but He knows what He is doing, He is the maker—

So if you weren’t able to guard your heart the first time, the second time, the third time— return them to the MAKER, HE can fix it for you! Don’t worry, He knows what He is doing.

He did it with me many times, He will do it for you too! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ And the next time we have our heart broken, it’s a lot stronger than before—-

It had already been touched by it’s MAKER.