My former case manager was here earlier then asked, “Where’s the old Hannah…?”

Simple as that question may sound, that’s all it took to snap out of my pity and “poor me” mentality.

I know myself more than anyone…

I know my strengths and my weaknesses more than anyone..

I handle life’s pressure with poise and dignity most days.

I laugh and brush off things I know are of rather less importance to me or not at all important to me and count my many blessings than mourn over them.

I sympathize but I also know the difference between possibilities and boundaries.

I don’t dwell on the unnecessary.

I simply live, choosing what matters and what’s worthy.

I’m not staying stagnant in a dirty puddle when I can explore the beauty of a clean waterfalls.

I can’t be shoveling snow away, only to pile it like nothing~ I AM MAKING A SNOWMAN!

It took a while to choose SELF RESPECT, I’m choosing them now because I deserve it.

Oh, where’s the old Hannah?

I’m here! Fierce as ever!

Ready for my new chapter~ willing to embrace the scary, the unknowns, and the in betweens.

Looking forward to the new beginning.

Excited for the limitless possibilities God has in store.

His grace is sufficient.

He is my strength in my weakness.

My compass when I’m lost.

My light in the darkness.