Easy Potato Recipe

To someone like me who is not a fan of potato.. be it mashed or baked, I have to have something that I liked at least…

I call this my tastebud recipe! I went to a luncheon and had this food and I thought, I will make that! It was so delicious that the potato-hater in me died that day. 

Here’s the recipe! 

1. White/Yellow Potato 

2. Italian Seasoning

3. Kosher Salt

4. Garlic Powder

5. Lemon Pepper

6. Olive Oil


1. Pre-heat oven 400F.

2. Peel and slice potato to prefered size. I like mine not thin, not thick. Just enough. 

3. Put about a cup of sliced potato in a pan enough to cover the pan. Do not put all potatoes in. 

4. Sprinkle salt, lemon pepper, garlic.

5. Put more sliced potato and sprinkle spices. Do the process again until all potatoes are in.

6. Pour the olive oil. The more the better. Make sure the potatoes will be soaked in olive oil.

7.  Pop it in the oven and bake it for 30 mins.

Done! Enjoy!!!!  

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