Supernatural, not DIFFICULT

When Pastor Peter Tan chi said, “Our journey as a Christian is not DIFFICULT


I smiled and said, wait~ wait~ Hannah!!!! yes! yes! That’s it! I’ve been telling others recently that the christian journey can be very DIFFICULT!

But I was really saying it’s difficult~~because I once again was sharing from the “FLESHLY” perspective. Without actually including God’s supernatural power to work things through me, in me, with me.

I am learning to stop saying, “Christian journey is difficult” and start saying, “IT IS SUPERNATURAL..”

SUPERNATURAL? Ohhh, I’m sure many of you will question this statement~ but if you really meditate on it! You will come in agreement with Pastor Peter Tan-Chi and yours truly!

With my current situation, after a few days of really allowing myself—to be myself~ I’ve witnessed God’s supernatural maneauver in my heart! I still can’t believe the peace and joy I have in the Lord— and I mentioned in my past blog, to let me…

To let me, be me…

But in reality, I can never go back to being me—- the flesh in me~~~ mourned for awhile but there’s this supernatural intervention that in my mourning, there was this unexplainable sense of assurance and peace that I can not explain. I don’t dare comprehend, because it’s too magnificent to even express in writing— so instead, invite Him in your heart and say this intentional prayer,

Jesus, I want to experience that supernatural encounter with you. The joy and peace despite mourning! I want to experience your magnificence that no words can comprehe. Lord Jesus, I want to be save! Please be my savior! Please come into my heart now…allow me to experience Your supernatural!

If you prayed this prayer intentionally, I’ll be happy to chat with you! You can email me at I am excited for you!

I also prayed this prayer years ago– the old me doesn’t even want to read the Bible, doesn’t want to talk about Jesus, excited with God but got disappointed ABOUT Him in my later years in college and I said, the bible isn’t real! It shouldn’t be! Well, I had my reasons why I somewhat only believe in God but not the Bible in depth in my next blog~

To share a little, the old me believes in ONCE WAS ENOUGH~ I will try to fight only ONCE— when it’s over, it’s over! no space for next time! No space for mistakes! No space for lies, excuses, betrayal~ ONCE WAS ENOUGH!

And because I know how I used to be in the past, I take pride in the Lord that I am serving, for transforming me into the person I am now. It is supernatural indeed! And only Him can do that! And I can only hope and pray for others to experience Him!

It is not difficult, it is SUPERNATURAL.

To God be the glory!