Twenty Days

Twenty Days
Dec 11, 2018
Hannah Geraci
I have twenty days to contemplate, to how my year has been. Beginning to end, even the in-betweens. I couldn’t believe how fast it flew, in twenty days, my life will be anew.
As much as I want to count only the highs, but I am as well glad of the lows, alright! This year’s lows are too many to mention, but one thing definitely caught my attention. Brother healed of cryptococcal meningitis, and all glory and honor to the One who is worthy.
Of course, I will share, this year’s amazing highlight. The one whose name means warrior, and the one who shines brighter than all the rays of sunshine combined. On the twenty-third of November, on a Thanksgiving afternoon, my dad’s first grandchild cried strong, loud and mightily. Plump cheeks, eyes so chinky and a face like his dad. Although I want to say, it’s me really that he look-alike. The joy he brings is unexplainable, and most especially, uncontainable. It’s like a medicine that gives me comfort, and like a century old tree with an indestructible root of support.
Oh, how magnificent life is. A tiny human can change lives in an instant. In an instant it is. Like that of lightning! Fast! Swift! Whatever you call it.
2018 too, just like that! In an instant, it has to end whether we like it, or not. But it’s okay, every end just means a new beginning, a new chapter, and another story.
So, who’s ready?

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