Why ME? Or Why Not ME?

Have you ever asked God, “Why Me?”

When we are in a challenging or painful situation, it is very easy for us to ask God….”WHY ME?”

But have you ever asked God, “WHY NOT ME?”… I know! I know! It’s never easy to say those words because as humans, we tend to put a value to “me”— I mean, who doesn’t?

Me. Two letters. It doesn’t even require us to write those in ten seconds. But what is about “me” that can easily destroy a relationship?

Base on my own experience, it’s all about what I deserve. It’s the greedy nature in us that’s being magnified. It’s me, who is right. It’s me who got hurt, it’s me who deserves more.

But if we really think about it. It’s all our greed. We always want the good, we enjoy the happy feeling of being cared for, loved, embraced, and respected. And if others fail to recognize those needs, we tend to get angry with them because our standard has to fit the mold we created. The “ME” mold.

I am not saying that we aren’t allowed to express when we aren’t agreeing to what they make us feel. All I am saying is, we shouldn’t stay in the painful feeling that’s devouring us during those moments of anger. We should fight real hard and not think of ” why me” but “why not me”…

Why is someone treating me like this? I mean, why not? We are all humans. We fail daily. If we only have a little space for 2nd chances and understanding, our world would have been better. Trust me, I fail too.

I am sharing this because I struggle with it more than anyone else.

I ask God many times, why me? When all should say is, “Why not me”—

It takes a lot of humility to say those words. It’s like stripping yourself with what you deserve. After all, life is not about what we deserve anyway.

The moment we think we deserve something, we are putting ourselves in a pedestal– a standard that others should reach. In reality, yes we can do that! I am not against it. But there should be a balance to everything.

A verse in the Bible says we should think of others as better than ourselves. It’s like God telling us, YOU CAN’T BE EQUAL.

What if they are not really better than us? What is better? What standard did you put in better? See, it’s relative.

This verse is teaching us to be humble, to not think of me in a selfish way.

And instead of asking God, why me?

Why not, me?

It makes all the difference.

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