Laguna Beach,California

Aloha! Welcome to….

Oh wait, this isn’t Hawaii!!!

Laguna Beach,California is definitely one of a kind! I never thought it’d be that gorgeous. It was jaw dropping experience!

It was my first time in Los Angeles, California. The palm trees alone gave me so much happiness that I didn’t even think there’s more to Los Angles! There’s more to California!

Since we don’t have palm trees in Illinois, I got super excited when I saw them palm trees lined up like military soldiers waiting for general.

Unfortunately, when saw the jaw dropping view at Crescent Bay View Point in Laguna Beach, I forgot about the palm trees! Hahahahaha! It was love at first sight. Now I understand why people love to visit California! Well obviously because some wants to famous–but for me, forget being famous! All I need is a view of Laguna Beach everyday~ that’s more than enough!

OhhhhhhhBreathtaking! 😍😍😍

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