Ice Castle Lake Geneva Wisconsin

Toes almost frozen, fingers burning, face stretched, but my eyes? In awe of the beauty of this man made creation. It was crazy cold, but it was fun!

When my friend told me about Ice Castle coming to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin~ I did not hesitate!! I was excited, and I couldn’t wait to see the amazing artwork that I only see on photos.

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin is only 2 hours drive from Chicago, and we were extremely blessed to go on a day where it wasn’t snowing, roads were cleared from the yucky snow a day before our trip. It was a perfect day, indeed!

Here are some of the photos we took during the trip.

I don’t know if they will ever do this again next year, but I am hoping they will. I don’t mind going again and this time, I will know exactly what to expect, and how many socks to put on!

Or maybe they should do it in Chicago! That’d be convenient. 😁😁

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