Aren’t we all toxic in many different ways? We just refuse to believe we are!


We all have these great impression of us— and we want to matter to others because of our personality, our drive, our abilities, etc., but all these can be toxic.

We assume that anyone who finishes a marathon immediately needs water~~So we give them a gallon! But if we ask them what they truly need, maybe they only needed to sit down, breathe, relax, and take it all in. Or maybe, they don’t need to drink it!!!

In life, we tend to offer a gallon of water! Well, a gallon of unwarranted pieces of advice to those we think needed it. Our justification is we want to be present in their lives and be their source of strength when they needed it. But we always fail to ask, what they truly need.

Their avoidance doesn’t mean anything, it can sometimes mean they just needed to breathe, relax, and take it all in— but we still offer them water when they didn’t ask for it.

Easier said than done!

For someone used to offering water, a change of perspective to wait until one is ready for the water is very challenging! We find it hard to navigate to “waiting.”

How can someone not do anything and just wait when clearly you know they needed water! So you insisted. And you got hurt in the process.

Because they are refusing.

It’s not their fault and it’s not your fault. For someone needing to relax after a marathon, the one offering and forcing the water is toxic….

Because he/she didn’t need the water.

But for someone who was refused of the water, the one who just finished the marathon is toxic.

Because he/she didn’t accept what was offered.

We all want to reach to our destination, our goal, or to what we wanted— but not all of us use the same route in getting there.

I am toxic. You are toxic. We all toxic.

But we all want to be UNDERSTOOD.