Fine Line

When I love, I love deeply.

I’ll show you. I’ll remain faithful. I’ll stay. I’ll push and even push harder.

There’s a fine line between idiocy and loving, and however fine those lines maybe, no amount of advice or judgement will bother me.

I give chances, I beg, I ask for help…I forgive quickly no matter what imperfections one may have.

I may remember some, but a little affection, effort, food will calm me down.

But with BETRAYAL, all your GENUINENESS, I will perceive as lies—

Hit me, I’ll keep going.

Hurt me, I’ll keep going.

DISRESPECT me, or my family I’ll keep going.

I react, I overreact….

I express…

Just don’t cross this fine line between idiocy and loving~

Coz I may love deeply, but I FALL OUT QUICKLY!

And don’t blame me, or my imperfections.

Coz when I fight for love— I give it ALL.

But when all is given—-

I’ll take a fall— and redeem myself once more!

Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you,

I did.

And even if I didn’t, an affair is an affair. And that’s all it’ll take to lose the deepest loving you’ll get.

My trust isn’t recyclable.