Found Me

When my contemplation and sympathy collide, I go back to listening to my inner self and ask the never ending questions that I don’t want answered.

I ain’t angry at anyone because I don’t have the right to. And even if I did, I refused to.

There’s no turning back now.

The whispers might have told me many times, I wasn’t enough.

I didn’t matter.

And that I’ve wasted 6 years of my life. I’ll choose to believe, it made me who I am now.

While I fought so hard alone..

Begged for a little bit of attention, assurance, reassurance—like I wasn’t deserving of any in the first place…

I was pushed away and called many names in return.

I am not angry, I won’t be.

But the pain was enough to teach me~ to adjust and embrace myself and my own happiness.

I’ve denied myself long enough..

I’ve given so many chances.

Asked for my voice and feelings to be heard…

But all I got was SILENCE.

And now that I am silent, you’re telling me you aren’t giving up.

I am sorry, I ain’t angry with you.

But I’ve adjusted to the life without you.

And I am starting to like and love myself again. So please, bear with me…. If I don’t say a word.

That’s because, I found ME without you.