A seemingly quotidian task of driving show you another enlightening lesson.

Oooopppsss! I just blew a red light! And unfortunately for me, cops were also there! So, I stopped as soon as I realized I broke the law, and I was caught red handed! No way out! So, I MUST CONFRONT IT without further ado.

I must admit, I was exceedingly distracted while driving today. My phone was ringing, my one client kept saying thank you repeatedly wanting a “you’re welcome” from me, there was a fender bender a few meters away, my other resident kept talking~

And my mind was in another planet. Who wouldn’t blew a red light?

Fortunately for me, the cop didn’t give me a ticket. I apologized immediately, told him I was distracted, he asked for my driver’s license, and I politely obliged.

You might think now maybe the cop was biased, or maybe he was just to nice and had a lot of grace that day?

The thing is, I knew I blew a red light! I knew the cop saw it, and I also knew if I keep driving, I will be in trouble.

Like our walk in the Lord, there are days we have to stop because we know we are already caught.

The cops symbolizes our God who can see EVERYTHING. He will stop us when we are wrong and correct us when necessary. He has the PATIENCE to give us the chances after chances each time.

Sometimes in our journey, we stop because we are already caught. But we have to remember, the mighty God we are serving~ will have the grace to forgive us over and over and over again..