credits to: Google

I was looking for a good representation to what I am currently experiencing. Typed “cliff” in Google photos search and came across this photo above.

In the midst of all these, with my faith intact, believing every molding, purging, and pruning– asking for help from my ultimate shepherd of all~ I can’t do this!

I thought I was the one reaching out to Him, when all I really did was look up and look Him in the eyes. I didn’t even have to say anything, He knew what I needed.

Climbing the difficult terrain, I was distracted of the height,I got distracted to what’s around me— I even looked at my worn out hands, bleeding from all the pushing and grabbing that I did– there were times I thought I am getting there, but a few times, I see myself slipping down, scared to let go of my direction, scared to even blink— because if I will, I might fall off the cliff.

But as I tried and tried and tried to keep moving forward, focusing to Who is up there waiting for me with arms reaching out as far as He can, eyes full of Hope, Assurance and Faith, telling me, that I will make it because He will never leave me nor forsake me. I began to look down, scared but I said— will You be there still if I fall? Will You still teach me how to fly? Because if You will, I’ll just let go…

Sometimes, when we hang on tightly to what is necessary— just so we can continue and deliberately finish what we have started according to our own standard, we will eventually learn, we are not enough. I am not enough. I can’t go on without You.

Distractions will be there.

Disappointments will come.

Trials will sometimes pour like a mad storm in our lives.

Sadness will take over.

But one thing I am sure will never change.

His faithfulness.

His love.


So today, I am learning to count my trials as a gift— so I can grow in His love all the more. And seek Him all the more.

I might become weary at times, but I am assured of my ending.

His. Only His.

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