I am ugly.

I am fat.

I am unwanted.

I am unworthy.


How often do we hear ourselves saying those words?

The battle in our mind is real. It’s the constant battle whether to believe what we think or negate it otherwise.

Our mind is too powerful to believe any lies that we put into it. But we have the power to change that as well.

If we change what we think of ourselves as ugly, fat, and unworthy~~ TO BEAUTIFUL, LOVED, AND WORTHY! We also automatically create an appearance of contentment and joy deep within us.

What we think of us, is TEMPORARY. It changes constantly to good or bad~ vice versa.

But, there’s ONE who is NEVER CHANGING on what He sees in us. The ONE who no matter what we do, what we choose, how we act, will only see the BEST in us. GOD.

When we accept Jesus as our SAVIOR, the perfection of Jesus is what God can see.

Everything that we see negative about us, Gone! When I felt this for the first time, I sobbed like a baby.

For years, I was chasing for wrong things, wrong people, wrong motivation, wrong direction, wrong beliefs.

I thought less of my self for a very long time. I kept investing love, kept investing my emotions on wrong relationships, often betrayed, and felt unloved. For many years, I felt I had to do more so I will be likable or lovable.

When I experienced the real GENUINE LOVE for the first time through Jesus Christ’s love, I felt genuine tranquillity, peace, comfort, and a sense of contentment.

And because of that experience, I wanted others to have it too. So I shared Jesus non stop! In fact, I became those that I hated in the past.

The Jesus Freaks! Yup, I couldn’t stop sharing Jesus and His love. I became a Jesus Freak!!!!

My encounter that night was too real. It was incredibly magnificent. Very overwhelming yet very calming.

It’s a different kind of weird.

So why am I sharing Jesus’ genuine love for us, in relation to what we think about us? Negative or positive?

Because what we think about us doesn’t really matter. It will help us or it will ruin us. And it CHANGES a lot!

But GOD’S thought about us, will always be good! Always good no matter what circumstances we are in. His love for us is UNCONDITIONAL.

I’ve always wanted to express what I had experienced in a simple way but the simplest way to delineate it or explain it~

These two words!


Anyway, please always remember…

YOU are beautiful.

YOU are loved.

YOU are worthy.

YOU are blessed.

YOU are wanted.

Stop believing the lies and declare God’s truth about you.

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