Modern Cave


My aunt’s basement room felt like a modern cave~~~~As my friend Mary Cris described it for me!

I “felt” the deafening silence!not heard it! I sensed His unexplainable presence and magnificence in the darkness~ there was stillness, peace—-

and a daily message of forgiveness—- and for a week, all I could hear was,

“Hannah, whatever that is, forgive him…”

At that time, I didn’t know and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to know! I was excited, but couldn’t quiet understand what He was trying to reveal to me! I kept telling my friend, I don’t know what it is, but I know I have to forgive! She just responded, if that’s the message, then you know what to. She kept reminding me of the importance of OBEDIENCE.

Weeks went by, I forgot about the message— and when I had finally faced what God wanted me to do, I didn’t know how to do it! I kept looking on the external, I couldn’t keep my eyes focus on Him! I got too distracted with my emotions, my rationality, my own personal values!

I couldn’t let go of what I had “expected”— You see, many are the plans of men but the Lord directs our steps! We plan, but it’s still up to God on how He will take us to achieve those plans, or if He will allow it for us.

Despite knowing the truth about His sovereignty, my flesh gave in to “what feelings” should feel. Does it make sense? ☺️

I made a choice to “focus” on myself for a short while– that’s because I didn’t want to pretend! But after I had expressed everything to God, and asked Him daily for His supernatural strength and guidance to overflow in my heart, that’s when His peace, joy and love started to flow in my heart— Every current, every wave, gave me a sense of security— Hannah, I got this! Just chill! Enjoy the 🌊 waves~ it won’t be there for long!

It’s only the first week of experiencing His promise and I still can’t help but be constantly amazed by His power!

I don’t even know how to explain myself why I am who I am now, why I act who I act—- but I have it plain and simple.