Written: January 30, 2020

Still winter.

Looked out the window as the sun glared brightly. Wind blew allowing it to sway the beautiful yellowish grass by the window.

It was 50′ F out. Very unusual for winter. Heard the old lady’s hum to a song that she probably created herself.. “it’s summer already— I don’t want too much work”.

Mistaken, she thought it was summer. Can’t blame her, the sun beaming down—so brightly! We were deceived by it’s beauty.

Life! Exactly how I describe it! We get too distracted and we get deceived by the looks of it, not realizing the realities of it.

Just because we see something beautiful, it doesn’t mean it is. It may look like it from the outside, but it’s probably damage on the inside.

How do we even detach ourselves from the fakeness life bring? No matter what, we are part of it. We can’t separate ourselves from its venom.

Better yet, PREPARE.

Not all you think is real. Sometimes, it’s just a mask– a temporary haven one created.

Hide when you can, but when it’s time.

Face it with valor. Fight!

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