When our mind is frayed from its constant use of reasons on why things happen….

When their absence become peace in an instant…

When did driving become a place of expression? When did laying down become a journey to the unknown? Who would’ve thought distraction is needed just to get through the day? When did life get so tangled? When did normal become unusual? When did unusual become normal?

When did empathy become a poisonous mission? When did familiar voices become a source of dejection?

When we are in an utter tohubohu even when doing the harmonious and ordinary routine…

It’s not hate that’s growing from within us but a realization that there’s real contentment and genuine happiness in EMBRACING THE TRUTH.

Truth that can turn our world upside down in a snap of a finger. Truth that can crush our greatest dreams or create another. Truth that can open new doors or close old ones. Truth that can satisfy our desires but kill our sense of humanity.

We probably have a gargantuan of reasons to hate SELF naturally because of this entire ordeal, and I couldn’t count the times I’ve blamed myself because of the actions and reactions I’ve partake. It’s not that I am not sure of my choices, but I am scared of my consequences.

In fact, I might be reaping them already as a result of my resolve.

We may have our limits in handling our fickle emotions but we definitely have control over our decisions using our rationality and morality.

I shouldn’t but I couldn’t, as if I really couldn’t—– when I shouldn’t .

I am not turning back now—- and this is my consequence.

I will not blame anyone for the mistakes made in the past nor I will blame our circumstances for it.

Some things happen because it has to happen—-And some things happen because we allow our emotions to take over. And we are to embrace our consequence rationally and morally.

We fight, but we should learn when to raise the white flag and go.

It’s not their fault, it’s ours.

After all, it still takes two to tango~ and three to trio.