I swam with shark, WHALESHARK


Oslob, Cebu Philippines 2016

My husband said, “I will not be the very first person to get eaten by a whaleshark…”

What are the odds of getting eaten by a whaleshark? Ask Google. 

What do whalesharks eat?Ask Google. Hahaha! 

I am really just sharing♥️♥️ that swimming with the whaleshark was one of the most surreal experience in my life. 

My cousin said she’s not doing it because I am practically supporting the break in the whaleshark migration process.

But to be honest, despite the fact that I do care, I really want to experience swimming with the whaleshark, plus they were being fed too. 

I KNOW! I KNOW! EXCUSES!  I am such a terrible person for still doing this, but I am just extremely fascinated by them. 

Can you blame me? ♥️


    • Yes it was! If you visit Cebu, Philippines, go to the municipality of Oslob. If you don’t like to swim like my hysband, you can see them up close stills by hopping in a small Philippines canoe with floaters (banka’) or an extremely small homemade version of catamarans.

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