Trust Him not him

For a week, I struggled with hurt, pain, confusion, and insecurities.

For a week, I have allowed the enemy to play with my mind. I’ve allowed him to use his antics.

But starting this week, only His glory will take over. Only His goodness shall manifest. I am still in awe on how He delivers, rescues, and strengthen His beloved. I am still in awe to His amazing timings. I am still in awe of His reassurance and His gentle warnings.

This week, I will only focus on my intimacy with Him. Indeed, I can never have enough of someone that I am in a relationship with. Lord, let your love overflow in the midst of this tribulation.

I am pressed but not crushed! I am not abandoned! I am always victorious in Christ Jesus! I may not experience all His promise in this lifetime, but I am assured of His faithfulness, goodness, and love!

I will only focus on the eternal perspective, and not on my earthly understanding of my situation. My physical eyes might be confused and hurt to what is happening in my life now, I will still choose to trust and dwell only in His shadow, covered under His wings.

Thank you for revealing to me supernaturally the darkness lurking in my marriage.

Thank you for supernaturally providing me with heavenly warnings and preparation.

Thank you for reminding me to forgive, even without knowing then what to forgive. I might have been surprised of your revelations, but I am more in awe on how You orchestrated everything in my life.

I will never forget Your blessed assurance. And from now on, I will cling to Your glorious Presence, Your faithfulness. I will trust your plans and redirections—-

Be it beautiful or painful. . .

I will abide. But only with Jesus, I am able to do all these.

To God be all the glory!

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