Grandma’s Letter

I don’t know what will happen five years from now. I don’t know if I will have 5 more years— but it’s good to be hopeful.

Grandma Pat’s letter which she wrote in the 90’s that her daughters had already read five years after Grandma wrote them~~piqued my curiosity on the possibility of making one and how will I react after~

Aunt Laurie read the letter earlier today at Grandma’s Funeral Service and shared it to the family. It was full of life. As if grandma was the one reading it to everyone–

I honestly get overly sentimental every funeral. Of course because it’s a sad day for once–hence celebrating life in a different way…

Saying goodbye for good! Because we won’t be seeing them here on Earth no longer. But celebrating them for ending earthly pain, challenges, and the never ending cycle of toiling the ground so we can live.

Second, funeral still reminds me of my mom. How our lives changed when she left. The bond we built through those times of grief, I still remember. We grew closer as siblings and everyday mattered.

So when I learned about the letter grandma wrote, only to be opened after five years—

Oh yeah! I want that too. Not for myself but for my friends and family– to remind them how proud, how happy, how grateful, how blessed I am to be alive and experienced genuine LOVE from them.

To experience love and acceptance from the people that matter the most to us is UNFATHOMABLE to even explain in words.

How dare me describe love, when it’s better FELT, SHARED AND EXPERIENCED.

Inspired by Grandma’s Pat’s letter— I will be writing one. For now, this will suffice.

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