Let go and you’ll understand

Written: Saturday, December 3, 2011

When you’re in a situation where you don’t know what’s going on, or yet you know what’s going on, but you just close your eyes to the reality because you don’t want to pain yourself from accepting that…

people are made for a purpose, to leave or to stay, to make you smile or to make you cry, or to make you worthy or to make you unworthy—- or….

Sometimes things happen because we overly respond not to the person but to the situation itself!

We think too much, plan too much, expect too much, and love too much to the point of consuming everything that we have, and realized, “woah, can you just stop for a moment, give me just a small piece of that too much I have given you..”—– but even though we wanted to say these words so bad, it’s also so hard to express them because we value that person in that situation too much to the point of just accepting ourselves as being less for that someone to realize he/she is more.

Coming to a point of deep thinking after a not so good situation, enables every piece of my body to just feel how nice it was to be considered as part of the circumstance in someone’s life.

But if we allow ourselves to be swallowed by our emotions and just do whatever for the sake of value and importance even though we are not supposed to feel them at a given moment is rather SELFISH. I think? But correct me if I’m wrong then.

It’s a lesson learned that we don’t have to be too emotional in handling unwelcome circumstances.  That we should think twice, if not thrice if we are doing the right things or we are just doing things because we wanted things to be right even if it’s “obviously wrong”.

I just want to blame myself sometimes for allowing things to happen, but I can’t just say that because after all what has done has done and what has happened has happened.

There’s this saying, it takes two to tango, and for it to tango, I need the consideration of the other person or perhaps his/her confirmation.

And even if it’s a story with unforgettable memories, sometimes letting go of the person is the best way to do to let go of the situations. It will take time and effort, but it should be the best, if not, at least near the best solution to just stop the burst of emotion.

Rather than hurt ourselves in the end.

They might have been a big part of our lives and has changed us as a person….

But that big part has to be small for us to be BIG… loving OURSELVES and pushing ourselves to do what is right~~~ even if it pains US,

is like saying, “Lord, I just want to stop doing this, I love you more than anything else and even it would cause me to lose one person just to have that love for myself once again, I’ll obey.”

Let go and you’ll understand.