Battle with Hormonal Acne


Definitely not the first time I had ridiculous breakouts. My first one was in college and I sought medical help. I had a dermatologist, went for weekly facials, took meds, and bought facial creams from AHA 1, to BHA 3~from crazy injections, white heads and black heads popping! Oh my! It worked! And during this ordeal, never covered my face with make up, only handkerchiefs!.

Years went by, I still get hormonal acne, but it wasn’t as bad as before..until 2016 came—-🤦

2016 forced me to wear make up, tried different products–but this time, dermatologist wasn’t an option.

so what cured my acne?

In January 2019, I decided to stop wearing make up. I gradually did it~ Some weeks I’d wear my make up once, some weeks, twice or more.

There were days I felt naked when I didn’t have it on, but still managed to endure the day without any on. And there were days I felt completely confident without them on.

Little did I know one act of courage can lead to something beneficial. Although taunted by whispers that people are going to judge me, I kept going. Now I only put make up on special occasions. A big win for me!

That was the very first thing I did. I believed and still believe to this day… that no matter how I look, I am the only one who has the power to either put myself down or encourage myself. One day I said, no amount of judgments will matter!

From then on, it felt like a tiny ripple just changed into a majestic current of water. Scared but I didn’t let it control me, instead I fought hard to defeat those fearful giants I created.

Anyway, here we go!

1. WATER – I own a 70 oz water jug that I take with me every day. It serves as my reminder to finish a bottle or more. Water will helps flush toxins out of our body. We NEED it as much as we need food.

2. LESS oily food. Need I say more? Try your best to avoid oily foods. In general, it’s not good for us anyway. So less or none is better!

3. Wash your face with Room temperature water after lightly scrubbing it upwards using your ring finger and middle finger. You can use warm water but always end your hygiene with room temperature water. And when washing your face, do not spend too much time. It’ll dry your skin out, which means? BREAKOUTS!

4. DO NOT RUB your face with your towel, just pat dry! And use your facial towels only once. Do not reuse dirty towels.

5. Exfoliate only once a week. If you over exfoliate, it’ll dry your skin out. We need our natural oil too. Don’t worry!

Products I USED that worked for me.

1. Kojic Acid only when I have breakouts. I don’t use this soap to achieve flawless white skin but for the Kojic Acid benefit. Kojic dries out my pimple!!! Allowing them to heal quicker than usual.

2. Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Aloe. I started using this May of 2019 and since then, I have become a huge fan of Aloe Vera. I put a good amount of it on my face day and night. Watch out for fake ones though!

3. Vitamin C Serum with Rose Hip. If there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget in your routine, it’s this serum! I massage my face using this serum upwards~

4. Vitamin B 50. This is only base on personal account. This helped greatly. It might help you too! So I am sharing! I take (NOW B 50) every night. Not only that I get a good night’s sleep, it gave me great energy the next day. It reduced my acne breakouts personally. 🙂

That’s it!

Base only on my personal experience. I am not a professional.

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