Arirang Restaurant Niles, Illinois


About 20 minutes away from O’Hare International Airport, this Korean restaurant has a great Korean vibe~ I am saying this, because not all Korean restaurants I’ve been to, feels like it. I mean feels like Korean!

We tried the restaurant’s Korean bulgogi and samgyupsal for dinner. I have to tell you! Out of all the Korean Restaurants I’ve been to, ARIRANG has the best bulgogi.

Bulgogi is a Korean beef marinated in different Korean spices. It has a sweet and salty taste to it and umami flavor. When eaten with lettuce wraps and other side dishes, it creates a beautiful, flavorful, mouthwatering taste.

I am getting hungry while sharing the combination of flavors to you.

Anyway, Arirang Restaurant also gave us this purple colored rice that we truly enjoyed. It was different compared to the white rice I am always offered at Asian Restaurants. I felt the authenticity and creativity.

I highly recommend this place to anyone visiting Chicago soon!



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