Necessary Uncertainty

IMG_1965A resident of my CILA (Community Integrated Living Arrangement) where I work at had to be taken to the hospital yesterday due to a circumstance we don’t really have any control with. What’s interesting, my case manager and I had a conversation about implementing possible solutions for the resident by Friday, to avoid such circumstance to happen. Unfortunately, what we tried to avoid so bad, actually happened on the day we wanted to solve it.

I apologize if I am being vague with what I am sharing. I just don’t think I can even share it. So vague is okay for now.

What happened to my resident is a vivid reminder of life’s uncertainty. Our life is ambiguous and we don’t really have any control to what will happen to us or to the people around us.

We tend to try our hardest to offer the best care we can offer for others, or plan our lives ahead, without even knowing what will happen a minute after.

We have a tendency to look ahead and manipulate our journey just so we can dodge a circumstance we don’t want. But whatever we do, there are things that are just out of our control and there’s nothing we can do about it.

We sometimes blame ourselves for the mishaps, and we miscalculate “what if I did this…”

I realized that when we do so, we beat ourselves up and we become our own bully. I am not doing my job right, I shouldn’t have done this, I shouldn’t have expected, I shouldn’t have planned… And so on, so forth.

As humans, we are very weak reacting to the unexpected circumstance we are forced to face. When we aren’t ready, we shoved, reroute, or close our eyes sometimes to the realities.

I get it, it’s not very easy to accept a difficult circumstance. But as time goes by, we are left with no choice but move forward, and surrender to what life has set or what God prepared for us.

Usually, the unexpected circumstance we try hard to avoid with, are the ones that will sharpen us in our journey.

Unexpected, but sometimes necessary.

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