For many, we describe idols as a religious statue that has a spiritual value and bring forth encouragement, strength and guidance to us.

It can be someone we revered so much and see as important figures in our lives.

For those who follow Jesus strongly, idols can be anything that we deemed important, great, valuable— in our lives MORE than our relationship with the Lord. It can be our success, wealth, life, career, spouse, image, fame, children— even us!

Last night, God laid in my heart about idolatry. On how I made people my living idols. My husband, my family, my friends, my life— I’ve given these idols more time in my journey than that of my intimacy with the Lord. I’ve loved and served these idols like they matter more than the very God I am serving.

I found myself seeking more enjoyable time with my friends, myself rather than spending my time first with God. I got excited whenever we have gatherings and would prepare for it but loss my excitement in my intimacy and prayer time with Him.

I’ve gotten so used to the routine of the world. This is how the world works and I should be doing it this way. I became complacent with my journey that devotionals and reading the Bible for only a few minutes of my day was enough. When He wanted more.

I’ve put Him in the sideline of my life~ while enjoying the matters of life daily. There’s a difference between my fellowship with Him and thinking of Him every minute– asking Him for guidance and really spending time with Him.

I’ve come to realize, I have to really offer the first piece of of the day to the Lord and end it to the Lord. I shouldn’t be okay with just a few words of prayers—

I learned that my prayers should be intentional daily. Not just a short, “Lord you know what I mean kind of day…” 🙈🙈

Thank you Lord for making it known, that I’ve made idols unknowingly. Continue to make things known to me when I am lacking and becoming complacent in my walk with you.

As my husband’s song goes, (yes, he created this!)

“We cast ALL idols down, every single idols down into the sea…”

No idol’s gonna take Your place… no idols has the power to save us…only You have conquer the grave… NONE WILL IMPRESS US!”

“Oh, Cast our idols down into the sea…We cast our IDOLS in the sea….Every single idols down into the sea. WE CAST OUR IDOLS IN THE SEA!

“No idol, no idol ever died for me…”

“No idol will prevail…Our God is greater than them all…”

“No idol can ever fail, our thirsty, empty souls..”

“Every idol they must fall, or drown right in the sea…”