Credits to: Yana Bontilao
Instagram: yana_oliana

Like a never ending tunnel~
It’s dark and it’s a tedious journey.
I can hear every crackling rocks as I step on them.

The mundane walk seemed incessant~ endless~ but still hopeful to know the end of this beginning.

Every step is a little too heavy, like carrying a truckload of gold each leg, precious and worthy at every step taken.

I’ll take full responsibility to every heavy step, no matter how difficult, no matter how tired I get.

No matter how scared I am of the unknown and uncertain~

I’ll keep going.

No matter how long it’ll take me to get there~

I’ll keep going.

Looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel….

That tiniest glimmer of hope in the darkness is all I needed to keep walking.

It’s not over yet.