Koreana Restaurant

This restaurant is located in the West Suburbs of Chicago, tucked in a small strip mall in Schaumburg, Illinois.


The food above is a Korean favorite called Tteokboki. It is made of rice cake sauteed in red Korean Sauce topped with sesame seeds. If you love cultural food, Tteokboki is something that you should try! If you are very particular with the texture of your food, you might need to think twice about this. It’s a little chewy but soft. I enjoyed every bit of it and I will definitely recommend this to anyone! Domo Domo Ma shi neh!


The food above is called Seafood Hot Pot. I honestly don’t know the Korean Name of this food. This food is best eaten during the cold months. You have the option to make it Korean Spicy or just medium. They put a lot in there that I don’t recognize even as an Asian myself. One I personally was intrigued about was the sea squirt that they added in this broth. You can’t really eat it because it’s too tough and I don’t know why they had to include it in the dish.

The broth is for those who love seafood~ especially if you don’t mind seeing a whole baby octopus in your dish. The Ajumma cut the baby octopus for us at our table. I didn’t mind! The Asian in me was so happy seeing them mussels, huge prawns, crabs, and octopus swimming in my broth. Delicioso!

The tofu and other ingredients also added flavor to the broth. It was fantastic! It was a fantastic romance of ingredients. It was medium spicy and I still enjoyed it.

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