Welcome Aboard


I am Hannah.

I am married to my amazing husband Timothy.

10 Facts about me:

1. I am not a morning person but I can wake up very early when I need to.

2. I like to travel and I like to explore new things, new places, and anything culture-wise.

3. I am not a good cook but I can cook when I put my mind to it, and if I have a recipe.

4. I love surprises and fairy tales. I love princesses movies but I am not big on going to movie theaters unless otherwise, UNIQUE. I think movie theaters are overrated and expensive. So I’d rather watch it at home or not watch it at all.

5. I am obsessed with Chipotle! I AM SO HAPPY THEY NOW HAVE A REWARDS PROGRAM FOR CUSTOMERS LIKE ME~ \~~,/ As of March 2019!!! So excited!!!!!

6. I work for an organization for adults who are mentally challenged. My ultimate dream is to have an organization like this in my hometown in the Philippines. I also dream of owning a resort but part of the profit will go to funding an orphanage which will be built inside the resort. The orphans will then have an option to work in the resort or venture a different field if they want. (DREAM ON!)

7. I get so heavy hearted when people offer me money. I feel like I don’t deserve it or there’s an exchange. It’s not that I don’t want the help but I feel very weird when I accept it. But now, I am learning the art of receiving a blessing.

8. I adore kids and the elderly. When I see them, I get extremely happy. And when I get extremely happy, I CRY! Like laughing cry? 😂😂

9. I love my family. I want to see them succeed in life. Really!!!!

10. I love Jesus!!!!! Like, CRAZY! If you ask me why? I can talk to you about my transformation in Christ for hours~ and I am not even kidding!

I have been blogging since 2009 but never thought of taking blogging seriously.

Now, I will try my best to be more active and do what I love doing.

Lastly, As we journey this world with happiness, optimism, and faith coupled with insanity, coolness, and sometimes annoying life challenges, like super annoying that you want to cry your heart out but laugh hard at the same time?!

Don’t forget to pause, look around and think of all the good things in your life so far that made you who you are today! You will forget about the craziness life brings, if you learn to enjoy and appreciate the littlest of things around you.

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