I bumped into our door and hurt my toes—–
I got upset, so I hit that door as a response!!!

Well well well..


Pastor Justin’s message at church last Sunday was about responding to God instead of the person or even situation. Instead of reacting to somebody base on a given circumstance, we respond to Him! Not letting our emotions control us and react out of proportion to the person or our situation.

When we unknowingly or unexpectedly get hurt, we tend to immediately respond as a result of the pain we feel/felt. It’s our flight or fight response— our natural way of defending ourselves from any unfamiliarity, something that we define as unacceptable, different from our usual.

Again, we RESPOND in DEFENSE of something that matters to us. It’s usually our PRIDE and our own STANDARDS.

But what if, like Pastor Justin said—

We RESPOND to God–

We put aside our own DEFENSE—

We DENY self–

and let go of our orphan mindset, or rather our..

I DESERVE this mindset.

Oh how wonderful!

We have the authority over our mind, our emotions, and our reactions.

It’s just a matter of receiving and applying God’s authority in our lives.

By letting Him live through us.

By surrendering daily to Him.

By renewing our mind daily.

By meditating His words.

If I had only controlled my emotions and not react when I hurt my toes, my suffering would’ve ended there. It was painful—

but I learned my lesson.

And responding to the pain will never change pain. It is still pain, there is a feeling of relief— but that’s about it.

So, instead of reacting to our situation—we should try responding to Him instead.

After all, pain is learning.

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