(photo credits: Pinterest)

It was pouring out and I hurriedly walked towards the complex. My imagination ran wild once again— felt like someone was staring at me! I looked around, looked to my left, looked to my right~ nobody was there! I took another glimpse, looked back, there was none! Not a shadow of a human being! Or any other creature!

A minute of walk towards the complex felt like forever today. I will have to blame the beautiful yet emotional droplets of rain. According to Anne of Green Gables, so much scope for the imagination! I must agree with her. That 1 minute walk took me to a dangerous world in my imagination.

Sometimes, my imagination would take me somewhere dangerous, sometimes wild, and sometimes tranquil. I’d be driving to work, listening to KLove and the lyrics would sometimes take me to this magnificent paradise filled with flowers! I can hear the whisper of the wind as it tries to embrace me with its existence. Magical! But for others, I am the perfect representation of “crazy”.

I would like to thank my imagination for taking me to these mysterious world actually. They give me the serenity that I needed and sometimes, the adventure in life I am lacking. It provides me with extreme relavance to a world I sometimes feel invisible.

If I were to describe all the places I’ve been because of my imagination, I am sure it will give you the comfort and the thrill in life that only your imagination can offer. It’s not hard to do actually. For example, whenever I get off of work and I look up, I see stars, splendidly shining! It doesn’t happen everyday~ so when it does, I take myself to this wide seashore enjoying the bonfire by myself, listening to the crackling sound of fire! The waves of the sea–oh how pretty!

One day all these won’t be in my imagination and will someday come to fruition! Because I will make sure it’ll happen. Well, not the scary ones! Especially not my parking lot scare~ God forbid! Crazy! how I am only writing this and it’s already taking me to the scary parking lot. And this is when I have to stop!

Okay enough with my imagination…. Take yourself to one, it will surprise you!

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