Lisle Balloon Festival 2019

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I waited approximately 4 years for this! I usually work every 4th of July but this year, I didn’t. Lucky!

Since it’s a festival, you will get to enjoy just about everything festival wise. We paid $10 for the entrance but we didn’t have to pay for parking since google took us to a neighborhood that’s close to where the festival location. So that’s a win!

We walked a few meters towards the  concessions, where they sell overpriced lemonade, different delicacies, clothing, jewelries, and they even sell those $5 toys for $12! It’s a festival! I get it! And if it’s for a good cause? Sure! Overpriced is okay!Not all the time though!

They also have a carnival inside! Great rides and games for $5~ if you like rides, you’ll definitely enjoy it!

Since we were there for the balloon fest, we waited til all the balloons were up.  Waited til everything was up. It was actually very interesting to see the whole process~ a little scary, but cool to see!

I don’t know if they do this every year, but if you are planning on going, please bring the following.

1. Mat or Lawnchairs to sit on

2. Bug Spray

3. Water

4. Battery Pack

5. Love one/Family

This is an even to experience with others. So don’t be selfish to just enjoy it on your own. Heheheh~

Kidding aside, as much as I enjoyed the festival, you’ll enjoy it too! So please visit!

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