Losing but GAINING

Screenshot_2019-02-08-15-41-33.pngHave you ever been in a situation, where you misplaced or lose something so valuable, that you couldn’t stop thinking about it for days!!!

Well, I currently am.

Two days ago, I realized I had misplaced my wedding ring and my engagement ring. I have been looking extremely hard, to every nook and crannies, cleaned my apartment out, checked all my purses, checked every places I could think of, and I still couldn’t find it.

So I decided to tell my husband, he surprisingly just responded, “ask your co-workers babe maybe you had left it at work. people forget rings a lot..”

For once, I was surprised of his reaction. I’m like? Hello?? You bought those rings for me?! Aren’t you gonna call me clumsy? Hah!

I was expecting for the worse I guess but didn’t get the reaction I was expecting, so oh well! That’s a good thing! Now,  I feel really bad…what if I really lost them?

I kept looking and there’s no trace of my rings anywhere. And today, as I was  driving to work, I thought of so many things including the rings I couldn’t locate.

As I pulled off at the parking lot at work, I checked my car maybe I dropped it by mistake~ then KLOVE’s Mike Novak’s wisdom of the day came~ sharing the story of two kids chasing an animal outside that happened to be a rattle snake. They were then reprimanded by their grandfather not to chase the animal. The kids probably did not know it was very dangerous.  Grandpa then went ahead, and killed the snake.

Then Mike Novak added and shared his words of wisdom, “sometimes in life, we get caught on chasing something we think or thought as sparkly and attractive in the eyes of world (rephrasing it), then lose the sight of our value as a person…”

I just thank God that very moment. I couldn’t grasp why I feel so bad of misplacing my rings. There’s a little feeling of losing a part of my marriage. It didn’t occur to me, that all along, I had put so much value on my  rings, wear it, and show it off to the people around me, “Look, I am married”..

“My rings are pretty”

“These are expensive”

It might be true that my rings were symbols of our Union, but it wasn’t our marriage. It was only but a REPRESENTATION of marriage according to the world’s standard.

I bet Mary and Joseph didn’t have rings when they got married. Hahahaha!

Kidding aside, I am still currently looking for my rings but I have so much peace now compared to a few days ago.

After all, I am married to my amazing husband. Even if I will not find my rings, I have a husband who loves me, takes care of me, and values me.


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