little Things Great

Waking up to a clean kitchen made me extremely happy. It caught my attention since husband did it. Come on! If I can write when I am overly sentimental, I can also write when I am in so much bliss.

Little things are GREAT. I admit I am this easy to please. It’s probably because it’s my first Love Language, ACT OF SERVICE— from the Five Languages of Love, by Gary Chapman. You would think it’s just an excuse so I will have a reason to feel good, but no! When my husband does little acts not to necessarily please me but just to help out, my joy is beyond compare.

He doesn’t know that it affects my day big time– my food tastes better, I am generous with my smile and everything seems so peaceful and harmonious. Who eats ramen noodle with a homemade mocha cappuccino with a smile?

All I’m saying is, those act of kindness might be small to others but to me, it’s as wide as the Universe—- Little things are GREAT!

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